Vehicle Tune-Up and Oil Change in Woodbridge

hand filling car oil tank
mechanic leaning over a open hood car

Vehicle tune-up and oil change have evolved over the decades to become a term used to describe regular maintenance. The modern vehicle has longer service intervals, some not seeing a garage for a whole year. This makes it more important than ever that your maintenance covers more than just the engine oil and filter.

At AML Auto Service in Woodbridge, we include a comprehensive vehicle inspection with every oil change to ensure the overall health and safety of your vehicle. 

We keep an eye on your car maintenance and make recommendations based on your service schedule, service history, and what we see during our inspection. 

Recommendations will be explained and prioritized so that you have all the data you need to make an informed decision when planning repairs and maintenance.

Be sure to consider the type of driving you do when determining your vehicle maintenance schedule. 

Vehicles everywhere should follow either the severe service schedule recommended by the manufacturer or a custom schedule based on the use of the vehicle. This would typically put most vehicles on a schedule somewhere between normal and severe service. AML can help determine your needs based on your driving conditions and style.

Contact AML Auto Service, and get the best deals for your vehicle tune-up and oil change in Woodbridge!



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