Brake Replacement and Repair in Woodbridge

hand fixing car brake disk
car brake disk

The braking system is the most common wear item on any vehicle and certainly among the most important safety features. Subject to weather conditions, extreme temperature swings, and varying traffic conditions, pads, and rotors suffer from both wear and rust. Through regular visual inspection, AML tracks the wear of your brakes and can recommend replacement when they are approaching the end of life, usually allowing you to plan for the repair rather than be surprised.

The brake replacement and repair services in Woodbridge we offer  include a full inspection of the entire system, testing the hydraulics, power brakes, and performance.

In addition, all parts are thoroughly cleaned and inspected to ensure continuing operation throughout the 3 year/60,000 kilometer warranty period.

We use premium parts and clean all moving parts, sliders, supports, and mounting surfaces. All followed by a road test carried out to properly burnish the new pads and rotors to provide the quietest braking possible.

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