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Vehicle Tune-Up and Oil Change in Toronto

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Vehicle tune-up and oil change have evolved over the decades to become a term used to describe regular maintenance. The modern vehicle has longer service intervals, some not seeing a garage for a whole year. This makes it more important than ever that your maintenance covers more than just the engine oil and filter.

At AML Auto Service in Toronto, we include a comprehensive vehicle inspection with every oil change to ensure the overall health and safety of your vehicle. 

We keep an eye on your car maintenance and make recommendations based on your service schedule, service history, and what we see during our inspection. 

Recommendations will be explained and prioritized so that you have all the data you need to make an informed decision when planning repairs and maintenance.

Be sure to consider the type of driving you do when determining your vehicle maintenance schedule. 

The Benefits of Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection

Our comprehensive vehicle inspections include all the basics, such as checking your vehicle’s fluids and tires, vehicle tune-up service, and vehicle oil change, but we also take things a step further to inspect timing belts, commonly problematic parts, and everything else that can cause problems for you later on. This allows us to catch problems with your vehicle early, and hopefully, we can save you a lot of money and stress.

Services We Provide in Toronto

At AML Auto, we offer a comprehensive list of services to ensure all our clients are able to stay on the road safely and reliably. With our vehicle tune-up, Toronto drivers are safer on the road and prolong their vehicle’s lifespan

Beyond vehicle tune-up services we provide in Toronto, we also offer the services and checkups for:

  • Brakes
  • Engine and Drivetrain
  • Tires
  • Suspension
  • Alignment
  • Air Conditioning

We can also diagnose check engine lights and any other issue that your vehicle might have, but you can’t exactly tell what’s happening specifically.

Service Schedule Recommendation For Toronto Customers

Vehicles everywhere should follow either the severe service schedule recommended by the manufacturer or a custom schedule based on the use of the vehicle. This would typically put most vehicles on a schedule somewhere between normal and severe service. AML can help determine your needs based on your driving conditions and style.

Severe service schedules aren’t as common, knowing that it’s when your car requires frequent inspection and service. This can become necessary with age, or if you drive the car frequently across long distances, it might become necessary, as well.

A standard service schedule is an optimum schedule per manufacturer recommendations. You can find this in your vehicle’s manual to determine the exact needs of your vehicle. With modern vehicles, it can be more than a year before you need a manufacturer-recommended service appointment.

However, most drivers will have their vehicles serviced somewhere in between those two extremes.

Importance of Regular Maintenance and Service in Toronto

Regular maintenance is not something you want to neglect. This is the basics of car maintenance. It’s when you get your oil changed, tires rotated, and other basic services. How frequently you need to do this depends on your car and driving habits, but twice per year is fairly standard.

If you fail to receive regular maintenance, you’ll likely have to deal with far more serious issues, such as your engine overheating from bad oil, your brakes giving out, and other things that are both expensive and dangerous to deal with.

Preventative Measures

You can easily avoid issues such as premature engine failure, car fires, brake failure, unintentional drifting, and more by having your car regularly maintained with oil changes, brake pad replacements, and wheel alignments.

Why Choose Our Vehicle Tune-Up and Oil Change Services in Toronto?

When it comes to regular auto maintenance, you have many options at your disposal. However, AML is the only Toronto auto service you can trust to put your needs first and go above and beyond for you and your vehicle.

Even if you’re just coming in for an oil change, we’ll perform a comprehensive vehicle inspection to ensure that there are no other problems you might be missing.

We also provide a comprehensive list of tune-up services that ensure you can get all of your car’s regular maintenance needs to be met in one place.

Whether it’s your brake pads that need replacing, your oil that needs to be changed, your tires need to be rotated, or you just want a fast auto repair service in Toronto, we have you covered.

Contact AML Auto Service, and get the best deals for your vehicle tune-up and oil change in Toronto



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