Wheel Alignment Services in Woodbridge

car tire rotation check with a monitor showing results in the background
red car on a high platform with two mechanics working on it

Proper wheel alignment is crucial to reduced tire wear and responsive steering. 

Because of that, we offer professional wheel alignment services in Woodbridge that will keep your wheels in best shape. 

Wheel alignment should be checked periodically, especially after winter driving conditions where potholes and slippery roads may have caused minor – or major – shifts in the positioning of the wheels. Even minor wear in bushings or springs can alter the alignment enough to cause tire wear, a pull or drift to one side or an off-center steering wheel. Such changes may affect other systems as well, such as stability control or lane departure.

It is important to point out that many modern alignments will require recalibration of supporting systems, such as electric power steering, stability control and some radar systems. AML has the capability to perform most of these calibrations.

Contact us today and request professional wheel alignment services in Woodbridge.



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