Vehicle Inspection in Woodbridge

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AML offers vehicle inspection services in Woodbridge, covering everything from complimentary to full DOT inspections, required when transferring ownership in Ontario. We utilize a DVI (digital vehicle inspection) format with which we can add pictures, short videos, and recommendations right from the inspecting technician.

Our courtesy inspection is complimentary, accompanying other services. It covers:

  • Visible brake parts (disc pads, rotors, brake lines)
  • Steering and suspension components
  • Underbody, exhaust, and tires
  • Lights and electrical systems
  • Under-hood components
  • Accessible fluid levels

It allows us to monitor wear on your vehicle so that we can recommend service or repair at an appropriate time rather than waiting for the otherwise inevitable surprise break-down.

From the courtesy inspection, we can add modules for which we add charges, such as a vehicle scan for a full health check, highway road test to assess overall performance and ride, an alignment check if tire wear or a steering concern is noticed, a DOT inspection if required. By adding modules, we can offer a very thorough inspection at a reasonable price, which can be useful if inspecting a vehicle to confirm its worthiness prior to making a purchase.

The DOT (Department of Transport) inspection is required before issuing a safety certificate required for transferring a vehicle’s ownership or licensing an out-of-province vehicle in Ontario. It is regulated by the government and must be carried out as per strict guidelines. Note that the inspection is charged for regardless of whether or NOT the vehicle passes the inspection. All failed items will be itemized and be accompanied by a snapshot of the rule pertaining to the failed item.

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