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Vehicle Inspection in Toronto

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AML offers vehicle inspection services in Toronto, covering everything from complimentary to complete DOT inspections required when transferring ownership in Ontario. We utilize a DVI (digital vehicle inspection) format to add pictures, short videos, and recommendations from the inspecting technician.

Courtesy Inspection


To all prospective customers, we offer a comprehensive courtesy inspection to check what is happening with your vehicle.

We provide a detailed inspection of the vehicle’s most important parts. We are starting with the most likely to wear prematurely and working toward the complex systems that allow the car to run. 

Our courtesy inspection is complimentary, accompanying other services. It allows us to monitor wear on your vehicle so that we can recommend service or repair at an appropriate time rather than waiting for the otherwise inevitable surprise breakdown.


It covers:

  • Visible brake parts (disc pads, rotors, brake lines)
  • Steering and suspension components
  • Underbody, exhaust, and tires
  • Lights and electrical systems
  • Under-hood components
  • Accessible fluid levels


For easily-worn components such as tires and brakes, we check the current state to determine if they need replacement or give you an estimate for how long it will be before replacement is required. That helps prevent life-threatening wrecks that often occur due to brake failures and lack of tire traction. 

While we’re under the car anyway, we’ll check for rust on the body, clogged exhausts, and line leaks that might not be immediate concerns, but they certainly affect the longevity and value of your car. 

More significant problems, such as the engine, transmission, and ignition, take priority once we’ve given the little stuff the okay. That’s important because it can help prevent costly repairs in the future or sudden breakdowns that you weren’t expecting. 

We’ll ensure everything is firing smoothly, shifting as it’s supposed to, and generally functioning appropriately. If we notice any potential problems, we’ll let you know before taking action. 

From the courtesy inspection, we can add modules for which we add charges. For example, we provide a vehicle scan for a full health check, a highway road test to assess overall performance and ride, an alignment check for tire wear or a steering concern, and a DOT inspection if required. By adding modules, we can offer a comprehensive vehicle inspection at a reasonable price, which can be helpful if inspecting a vehicle to confirm its worthiness before making a purchase.


Department of Transportation (DOT) Inspection


The DOT (Department of Transport) inspection is mandatory before you issue a safety certificate for transferring a vehicle’s ownership or licensing an out-of-province vehicle in Ontario. The government regulates it, and it must be carried out per strict guidelines. Note that the inspection is charged regardless of whether or NOT the vehicle passes the inspection. All failed items will be itemized and be accompanied by a snapshot of the rule of the failed item.

The DOT inspection primarily consists of visual inspections of all notable parts. However, on-road tests are also commonly needed. Depending on the vehicle and its condition, measurements and in-depth part inspection might be necessary, too.

All major mechanical components, onboard auxiliary components, and safety components, such as brakes and tire tread, are inspected during this process.

It’s important to note that the inspection only considers the vehicle’s condition during the inspection. It does not account for likely breakdowns or necessary repairs in the future or any planned attempts to correct issues. Thus, it’s crucial to have the inspection done AFTER repairing necessary issues.


Why is it Important to Have Your Vehicle Inspected Regularly?


You benefit greatly by having your vehicle inspected regularly, even outside of the required DOT tests. While it seems like an added expense in your budget, you can save money by preventing many problems.

Namely, you’ll notice wear and tear a lot faster. Parts like tires, brake pads, and other consumable parts are fairly cheap to replace. However, if you don’t know they’re wearing down, you can suffer a severe accident that is far more expensive.

You can also get a heads up when more severe parts are about to fail, providing ample time to find funding for a proper repair, or you can take action before it becomes a far more serious problem.


Why Choose AML for Your Vehicle Inspection in Toronto


Regardless of the type of inspection you need, you need a team that can pull it off without issue.

DOT inspections are heavily regulated. If you hire a service that doesn’t fully understand the rules and regulations associated with them, your DOT inspection can be invalid, costing you time, money, and legal issues.

Even a basic pre-repair courtesy inspection requires an experienced eye that knows what it’s looking for. If the inspection isn’t thorough enough, or the mechanic gets it wrong, you can pay for repairs you simply don’t need, and the real issue will persist.

Our Toronto auto service customers trust that we can perform all our inspection services without issue. We root out the problem, diagnose it, and provide top-notch repairs. That helps keep you compliant, saves you money, and protects you against the risks of driving a poorly inspected vehicle.

Contact AML today to request a professional vehicle inspection in Toronto.



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