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Vehicle Diagnosis and Electrical Services Toronto

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A proper vehicle diagnosis starts with an inspection. While many services only inspect the areas relevant to the issue you’re experiencing, AML likes to be comprehensive. We perform a full-vehicle inspection as a courtesy to our customers.

This helps us find parts that are causing the issue, diagnose the exact problem, and make more targeted repairs, to ensure that you’re only paying for what you need.

Our diagnosis services include computerized and hands-on professional diagnostic methods.

Vehicle electrical services are just like good old-fashioned diagnostic sessions. However, they focus on the electrical components of the vehicle.

Modern cars use a variety of electrical components to operate. The ignition switch, terminals, battery cables, and much more all power or regulate the electrical components of your vehicle.

Our team inspects and diagnoses issues with all those parts to ensure your car operates optimally with our comprehensive vehicle diagnosis and electrical services in Toronto.

How We Approach Vehicle Diagnosis and Electrical Services


We begin every diagnosis with an assessment, in which we attempt to confirm symptoms, if any, road test the vehicle, scan for possible codes, search for technical service bulletins, and determine a course of action for further diagnostic testing if necessary.

Unless recently completed, we also perform a courtesy inspection at this time so that we can inform the customer as to the overall condition of the vehicle. This allows the customer to make an informed decision as to whether continuing with additional diagnosis or repair is worthwhile or affordable.

This process requires both manual and automated diagnostic methods. Our team has enough experience to understand problems with a simple visual inspection and on-road test. Still, with particularly complicated repairs, we utilize the best computer diagnostic systems available to determine what’s going on with your car.

If on-road tests are necessary, our trained and qualified team members work to keep your car safe and respect your privacy. We aim to return the vehicle to you in better shape than you left it.

Once we determine the issue, we suggest a list of repairs depending on our findings, along with an estimate. If you’re satisfied, we can start the repair process.

Typically, we find that brake, electrical system, and under-the-hood components are the problem for most of our customers. In any case, the inspection normally only takes an hour or less. 


What Sets Us Apart?

Our Toronto auto service sets itself apart from the competition via experience, a customer-first attitude, and comprehensive diagnostic methods.

AML has the tools, equipment, and knowledge to tackle virtually any diagnosis on most vehicles. We own numerous OEM scan tools, aftermarket scan tools, scopes, meters, and test devices to perform whatever tests are required to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion.

Many of our competitors settle for merely running an OEM diagnostic tool and accepting what it says. Besides the tools, we offer professional hands-on inspection methods to ensure we know what’s happening with your vehicle. We don’t cut any corners, and we don’t offer solutions until we know exactly what’s wrong.

That is the right way to do an inspection. By doing so, you save money by fixing the core of the issue on the first try. Lackluster inspections that rush the process often leave you making several repairs just to fix one thing.

An inspection is crucial. So, ensure you have your vehicle diagnostic or electrical inspections performed by AML.

Contact the #1 Diagnosis and Electrical Service in Toronto

When you need vehicle diagnostics or electrical services, you need a trustworthy provider. The potential costs are just too high to warrant settling for an inferior option.

That’s where AML Auto Service excels.

We provide comprehensive inspections, diagnostic processes, and more. We also put you first by offering complementary shuttle and pick-up services, among a long list of other customer-service-focused services.

If you want to rely on Toronto’s most professional vehicle diagnosis and electrical services, give us a call to experience top-notch expertise and reliable solutions for your automotive needs.



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