Tire Replacement and Repair in Woodbridge

mechanic holding a tool over a car tire

Your tires are your contact with the road. You could have the best brakes on your car, but if your tires are not capable of gripping the road, those brakes are not going to stop your car in the shortest distance you may be expecting. Old, worn, or cheaply manufactured tires will not give you the traction you need to drive safely in all road and weather conditions.

There are numerous choices among tire manufacturers, all with varying quality and price points. Quality tires are critical for safe vehicle operation, yet cheap tires are often chosen based solely on their price point. Bear in mind that your own driving conditions and style should be your first consideration when choosing tires. If driving at higher speeds, especially in an aggressive manner, choosing a low-priced tire may put you and others at risk under some conditions. If you simply drive in the city at low speed, and only when the weather is good, high-priced tires may be a waste of money.

AML specializes in tire replacement and repair, serving the Woodbridge citizens. We use specialized equipment to mount and balance tires, allowing us to handle virtually all sizes, profiles, and rims. Our Leaside location includes a Hunter Road Force balancer for those difficult vibration problems. Both locations feature a special centering system to ensure perfect wheel balancing on every tire.

Whenever removing a wheel and reinstalling it, our technicians follow a hub cleaning routine to ensure even contact between the hub and the wheel, followed by a 3-stage torque procedure to ensure the best fitment of your wheel to the vehicle.

Contact AML for tire replacement and repair services in Woodbridge, and get excellent service for an affordable price!



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