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Tire Replacement and Repair in Toronto

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You could install the most expensive brakes on your vehicle, but if your tires don’t grip well, those brakes won’t stop you fast enough. No matter how hard you press that pedal.

Old, worn, or cheaply manufactured tires don’t give you the traction you need to drive safely in all road and weather conditions. In other words, your tires keep you on the road.

Tire Quality: How Much Should You Spend?

Quality tires are critical for safe vehicle operation. Yet so many drivers sacrifice quality for price.

Instead, the conditions you typically drive in, and your driving style should be a core consideration when choosing tires. If you tend to drive fast or enthusiastically, low-priced tires may put you—and others on the road—at risk. If you only drive to and from work in stop-and-start traffic, you probably don’t need to spend big bucks on high-priced or specialist tires.

The correlation between speed and traction varies between budget and high-quality tires. High-quality tires are typically made of high-grade rubber and offer better traction at higher speeds and in adverse conditions. Budget tires are often made of low-grade rubber compounds and feature less sophisticated tread designs. This may result in reduced grip and traction.

How Driving Style Affects Tire Replacement

Generally, you can expect to replace your tires every 65,000 to 130,000 kilometres. If the latter sounds appealing, you might have to adjust your driving style.

Enthusiastic drivers or those always on the road need new tires more often than careful drivers. A lively driving style tends to increase:

  • Friction and heat
  • Acceleration and wheel spin
  • Pressure

In other words, if you want to save your tires, err on the side of caution when it comes to your driving style.

Tire Service and Replacement at AML

AML specializes in tire replacement and repair in Toronto. And that’s because we know how much poor tire fitment negatively influences driver safety. Reduced traction and uneven tire wear affect handling and stability, posing a risk to all drivers.

We’re on a personal mission to prevent these issues.

Our workshops are fully equipped to mount and balance tires of any size, profile, or rim design. We have a Hunter Road Force balancer at our Leaside location for correcting even the trickiest vibration problems. Both our locations—Leaside and Toronto—feature top-of-the-line alignment systems, ensuring every one of your tires is perfectly balanced.

We’ve developed thorough procedures for every wheel we remove and reinstall—from highly detailed hub cleaning to three-stage wheel torquing to pneumatic inspection. Our technicians are trained to identify and repair weak spots, cracks, and micro lacerations.

Let’s take a closer look at just one of these specialties…

An AML technician conducting tire repairs in Toronto uses three-stage wheel torquing to tighten bolts or fasteners in three phases: initial, sequential, and final torque. Each stage has a specific torque value. By employing this technique, we can tighten bolts evenly and prevent issues like overtightening, under-tightening, or uneven force distribution.

Want to know more about the ins and outs of our processes? Complete our handy symptoms questionnaire.

Why Choose AML Auto Service in Toronto?

Our commitment to attention to detail, security, and expenditure make us the #1 Toronto auto service provider.

If you haven’t already guessed, the AML team takes tire replacement services in Toronto seriously. We see it as our duty to keep you and your family safe on the road.

We also work hard to meet you at your budget.

Tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Commit to getting them serviced and replaced regularly by a workshop you trust.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact AML for tire replacement and repair in Toronto today.



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