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Engine and Drivetrain Servicing in Toronto

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At AML, we focus on providing the most professional engine and drivetrain services available in Toronto. Our team is comprised of only the most qualified technicians and mechanics to ensure that all our drivetrain and engine services reliably keep you on the road.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Timing chains on modern engines: The timing chain is crucial for synchronizing your engine. Replacing the timing chain regularly is one of the most common engine repairs we do. 
  • Transmission diagnosis and repair: We diagnose issues you’re experiencing with your transmission and repair those issues to keep your car shifting properly. 
  • Differential and transfer case diagnosis and repair: Your differential or transfer case controls the power output of your drivetrain to your wheels. We’ll determine what the problem is and perform in-depth repairs on-site. 
  • Drivetrain and engine inspections: If you expect something is wrong with your engine or drivetrain, or you simply want it inspected to ensure there are no problems, our team can handle that for you.
  • Regular engine maintenance: Your engine and your drivetrain rely heavily on fluids. We’ll check and replace those fluids as needed.


Service Your Engine and Drivetrain Regularly


Your drivetrain and engine are both crucial to the function of your car. If either of them isn’t performing properly, you’ll notice massive performance drops, or the vehicle can become dangerous to drive.

Not to mention, repairing fully dysfunctional drivetrains and engines is one of the most expensive repairs a car can need

Regular engine and drivetrain servicing helps prevent that. We pinpoint minor problems early to prevent catastrophic failures, and we provide preventative care to ensure that each component continues operating properly. 

However, the drivetrain can be a complicated part to work on, and each service we provide will differ. Front and rear-end drivetrains operate differently, and all-wheel drive, where the drivetrain powers all 4 wheels at once, requires a different approach as well.


We Do it All


There are times when we will run into a learning curve, since there is a first time for every job, and we may be slowed down having to wait for tools that we don’t yet own.

We partner with the top suppliers to ensure that we can gather new tools and parts quickly and efficiently, and when there’s something we don’t know, we have the industry’s best resources available to help us get the job done.

We will make every effort to finish jobs, big or small, in a reasonable time and to assist customers with rentals or loaners if we are unable to meet realistic completion times.

On average, it only takes an hour or two to fix most drivetrains. However, since drivetrains can differ so dramatically depending on whether they’re front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive, and manufacturers use different designs, it is possible that we’ll have major delays. Especially if unordinary or uncommon tools are required.


Why Choose Us for Engine and Drivetrain Servicing in Toronto?


Your engine and your drivetrain are extremely complicated parts, and unless the team working on them knows exactly what they’re doing, repairs can be time-consuming, costly, and unreliable. 

At AML, we strive to provide industry-leading engine and drivetrain servicing in Toronto. Whether you’re coming in for a basic inspection or you need your entire drivetrain replaced, we’re focused on providing you with the very best. 

We have the resources and experience to tackle any of your car’s problems. That’s why Toronto has put its trust in AML since 1960.

Contact us today to request professional engine and drivetrain services in Toronto!



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