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Car AC Repair and Replacement Service in Toronto

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If you’re looking for professional and fast car AC repair and replacement services in Toronto, AML Auto Service is your #1 choice. Cars get unbearable on hot summer days; you need a reliable system to keep you cool.

Our expert team knows how to restore your AC system to give you the quality chill you experienced the day you drove your car off the lot.


AC Parts That Need Regular Maintenance


Your vehicle’s AC has a lot of moving parts. And those car AC parts all need regular maintenance.

So, what makes a car AC system tick? Let’s break it down:

  • The compressor, driven by the vehicle’s engine, plays a crucial role in circulating and compressing the refrigerant gas within the AC system.
  • The condenser is responsible for releasing heat from the refrigerant. It cools down the high-pressure gas from the compressor, turning it into a high-pressure liquid.
  • The receiver (or dryer) acts as a storage tank for liquid refrigerant, removes moisture and debris from the AC system, and contains a desiccant to absorb any remaining moisture.
  • The expansion valve (or orifice tube) is responsible for regulating the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator. It helps to lower the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant. When it stops working, the pressure and temperature stay the same.
  • The evaporator cools down the warm air by allowing the low-pressure liquid refrigerant to evaporate, extracting the heat from the air. If not maintained regularly, it won’t extract the heat, and the cooling system won’t work correctly.
  • Refrigerant is a chemical compound that circulates within the AC system. It undergoes phase changes between gas and liquid states to facilitate cooling.

Why Your AC Isn’t Cooling


Refrigerant is a chemical compound used in car air conditioning systems to transfer heat and provide cooling. It circulates through the AC system. When your car doesn’t have enough refrigerant, the system can’t cool the interior effectively.

The fans and vents in a car’s AC system sometimes get blocked. This has a significant impact on your car’s AC performance. The cool, fresh air can’t break through the blockage, trapping the cool air inside the system.

The compressor circulates and compresses the refrigerant gas within the AC system. If it fails, your AC won’t cool the car’s interior as well as it should—or, worse, at all.

There are also a few less-common reasons for your AC not cooling correctly, including a refrigerator leak, electrical and expansion valve issues, blower motor failure, or AC sensor problems.

Sweating way too much in your car? It might be because of any one of these malfunctions. To find out which, visit AML Auto, your trusty car AC repair service in Toronto.


How AML Auto Repairs Your Car’s AC

Vehicle AC systems should be tested and evaluated annually.

We test the performance and operation of your AC system with our courtesy inspection. This inspection doesn’t include a leak test or pressure testing but rather confirms the operation of controls and their ability to heat and cool your car’s interior.

First, we perform an assessment to identify the what and where of the problem, including scanning for error codes. Modern AC systems are computer-controlled and programmed to set codes if there’s a problem with a sensor or the compressor.

Depending on the assessment’s findings, we conduct a range of tests: leak tests, electrical tests, or code-specific tests. Though testing is a laborious but necessary process, we try our hardest to keep diagnostic charges minimal.

Most cars are equipped with a cabin air filter to maintain air quality in the car. A filter traps dust, pollen, and twigs and must be replaced frequently. When depends on use, parking areas (such as under trees), and personal needs (such as allergies). Mold is also a common concern. The AC system removes moisture from the air; some may remain on the evaporator after use, resulting in mold growth.

AML has a GOOD, BETTER, BEST approach to cabin air quality:

  • GOOD: Replacing the filter with a standard filter
  • BETTER: Upgrading to a “MIST” service to freshen the air and attack mold in the evaporator housing
  • BEST: Upgrading to a charcoal or HEPA filter to alleviate allergens

Why Choose AML Auto Service in Toronto


When it comes to car ACs, it’s pretty simple. They either keep you cool when you need them to—or they don’t.

There’s no middle ground.

If you don’t want to suffer a minute longer than you need in a too-toasty vehicle, you need people you can trust to care for your car’s AC system.

Customer satisfaction tops the list of priorities for the team at AML Auto. We give our all to keeping your vehicle working like the day it exited the factory—and your AC system is no exception.

Contact us today to request professional car AC repair and replacement services in Toronto.



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